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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three DVD set
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Episode Title: "E2"
Production Number: 073
Original Air Date: 05-05-04
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: The Enterprise approaches the nebula containing the subspace corridor through which it can reach the Xindi Council, but it detects at least half a dozen hostile Kovaalan ships in the nebula.

Members of the Xindi Council are concerned that Degra has given the Enterprise the Council's coordinates, but Degra feels that Captain Archer has compelling evidence that humans are not the enemy of the Xindi. However, the Xindi-Reptilians patrol the Council's side of the corridor.

Before entering the nebula, the Enterprise encounters another, older Enterprise, commanded by a half-Vulcan named Lorian, with a part-alien woman named Karyn Archer as his first officer. Lorian tells Captain Archer that when the Enterprise went through the subspace corridor, its impulse wake caused the corridor to shift in time, sending the Enterprise 117 years into the past, 26 years before Cochrane's first warp flight on Earth. The crew decided to remain in the Expanse, where their descendants could try to stop the Xindi probe from attacking Earth a century later. But after failing to stop the Xindi probe, Lorian and the other Enterprise descendants decided to stop their ancestors from being trapped in the past so they can make their meeting with Degra.

In the past, the Enterprise became a generational ship, and acquired alien crew members and technologies. Lorian tells Captain Archer that they can use schematics acquired from Haradin traders to modify the Enterprise's injector assembly to travel at Warp 6.9 and reach Degra in two days, avoiding the subspace corridor.

Dr. Phlox confirms genetically that Karyn Archer is Captain Archer's great-granddaughter, with chromosomes from three unknown alien species, and Lorian is the son of T'Pol and Commander Tucker.

As Lorian helps Commander Tucker make modifications to the Enterprise engines, an elderly T'Pol on the past Enterprise gives Captain Archer information that the injectors could overload and destroy the ship if it exceeds Warp 5.6. The elderly T'Pol also believes that the Enterprise can modify its impulse manifolds to avoid being thrown into the past, but Lorian thinks the risk is too great that the Kovaalans in the nebula will attack the Enterprise, damaging its manifolds and causing the ship to be trapped in the past again. Lorian decides to steal the newer Enterprise's warp plasma injectors and make the scheduled meeting with Degra himself.

Before Lorian can escape with the stolen injectors, Captain Archer disables Lorian's ship, and forces him to consider another course of action. Both ships enter the nebula together; Lorian's Enterprise fights off the Kovaalans, allowing Captain Archer's Enterprise to reach the subspace corridor and make the meeting with Degra on the other side.

  • Factoid: The other NX-class Starfleet ship is the Columbia NX-02.

  • Factoid: Karyn Archer's great-grandmother was an Ikaaran named Esilia, who married Captain Archer after he rescued her ship from an anomaly field.

  • Factoid: In the past, Dr. Phlox and Amanda had nine children. Ensign Mayweather married the MACO Corporal McKenzie.

  • Guest Characters: Degra, Jannar, *Captain Lorian, *Karyn Archer
    Alien Races: *Kovaalans, Denobulans, Vulcans, *Ikaarans, Xindi-Primates, Xindi-Arboreal
    Starships: Enterprise NX-01

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