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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Four DVD set
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Episode Title: "THE FORGE"
Production Number: 083
Original Air Date: 11-19-04
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: Seventeen years ago on Vulcan, Syrran finds the katric ark of Surak in an ancient underground shrine.

In the present, three days after Admiral Maxwell Forrest dies in a bombing of the United Earth embassy on Vulcan, the Enterprise arrives at the planet to investigate the incident.

Captain Archer meets Administrator V'Las, the head of the Vulcan High Command, and Stel, chief investigator of the Vulcan Security Directorate, who accuses either the Andorians or Syrrannites -- a small group of Vulcans that follows a corrupted form of Surak's teachings -- of the embassy bombing.

In the embassy, the Enterprise crew finds a bomb remnant containing the DNA of T'Pau, a well known Syrrannite, but the Vulcan Security Directorate wants to investigate on its own.

Commander T'Pol's husband, Koss, arrives on the Enterprise and informs her that her mother, T'Les, is a Syrrannite and is hiding from authorities. T'Pol's mother left her a map of the route Surak followed 1,800 years ago through a desert called the Forge. With Ambassador Soval's help, Captain Archer and Commander T'Pol travel to the Forge, whose electrical storms do not permit technology to work, in search of T'Pol's mother and T'Pau.

Aboard the Enterprise, Dr. Phlox discovers that T'Pau's DNA on the bomb was falsified. Vulcan Ambassador Soval performs a forbidden mind-meld on a comatose Starfleet security officer who was injured in the embassy bombing, and learns that Chief Investigator Stel planted the bomb, but Administrator V'Las rejects Soval's evidence obtained through a mind-meld.

In the Forge, Archer and T'Pol meet a Vulcan man calling himself Arev, who knows T'Pol's mother. He offers to lead them to where T'Les and the other Syrrannites are hiding. Arev tells the story of how Surak died on Mount Seleya, but his katra -- the essence of his mind -- was spirited away, and is now carried by a Syrrannite and shared with others through mind-melds. When Arev is gravely injured in an electrical storm, he mind-melds with Archer before dying. Archer then leads T'Pol to a hidden cave, where they are captured by a group of Syrrannites.

  • Factoid: Forty-three people died in the embassy bombing -- 12 Vulcans and 31 humans.

  • Factoid: Basketball reminds Dr. Phlox of Arcturan fertility contests, except the participants are fully clothed.

  • Factoid: Since the time of Awakening, 1,800 years ago, Surak is still considered the most important Vulcan who ever lived.

  • Factoid: As a child, T'Pol had a domesticated sehlat as a pet.

  • Factoid: T'Pau is 32 standard years old.

  • Guest Characters: Admiral Maxwell Forrest, Vulcan Ambassador Soval, *Administrator V'Las, *Stel, Koss, [T'Pau], *Syrran, [Surak]
    Alien Races: Vulcans, Vulcan sehlat, Romulans

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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