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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Four DVD set
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Episode Title: "BOUND"
Production Number: 093
Original Air Date: 04-15-05
Stardates: December 27, 2154

Synopsis: The Enterprise is on course for the Berengarius system, a potential site for the first of a proposed series of Starbases, when it encounters an Orion Syndicate ship commanded by Harrad-Sar, who invites Captain Archer aboard to discuss a deal: Harrad-Sar will give Starfleet the location of a planet with large deposites of magnesite, which can be mined to make warp reactors, if Starfleet gives him a ten-percent share. Captain Archer accepts the deal, but he must accept a gift of three Orion slave women to seal the deal.

Female crew members, including Ensign Keeley and Ensign Sato, experience headaches, while the male crew members become increasingly distracted with the Orion women aboard the ship.

Commander Tucker remains aboard the Enterprise to help with engine repairs, and Lt. Commander Kelby is concerned that he will lose his promotion to chief engineer if Tucker decides not to return to the Columbia.

  • Factoid: A Vulcan science vessel surveyed the seventh planet in the Berengarius system over 50 years ago. It's an M-class world with a flourishing ecosystem and no intelligent life; the planet is inhabited by a species of flying reptiles, some reportedly over 200 meters long, said to breathe fire.

  • Factoid: The Gorn Hegemony brews the finest Meridor in the five systems.

  • Factoid: The Enterprise has seven decks. Most of the crew quarters are located on D-Deck. Captain Archer's quarters are one deck below, on E-Deck.

  • Factoid: When Travis Mayweather was 15, on his parents' ship, they picked up some Deltans whose ship was having engine trouble. The females were unbelievably attractive. He distracted himself with weight training.

  • Guest Characters: Lt. Commander Kelby, *Harrad-Sar, *Navaar, *D'Nesh
    Alien Races: Orions

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