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Episode Title: "Conundrum"

Production Number: 214
Original Air Date: Week of 02-19-92
Stardates: 45494.2

Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise is investigating a series of subspace signals in the Epsilon Silar system when it encounters an alien ship with one lifeform aboard. A scanning beam from the alien ship disrupts the Enterprise's computers, and erases the memories of every crew member.

The disoriented crew members work to restore the ship's systems. The computer's crew manifest includes Commander Keiran MacDuff as the executive officer of the Enterprise, and computer records indicate that the Enterprise is part of the United Federation of Planets, which is at war with the Lysian Alliance. The mission of the Enterprise is to enter the Lysians' territory and destroy their Central Command base.

As the Enterprise approaches the Lysian Central Command, it encounters minimal resistance from the inferior weaponry of the Lysian ships, and the crew begins to have doubts about its mission, but Commander MacDuff encourages the other officers to continue the mission.

When the crew decides not to attack the technologically primitive Lysian Central Command, Commander MacDuff attempts to take control of the Enterprise's weapons systems, and is revealed to be a Satarran, an alien race that has been at war with the Lysian Alliance for decades. The Satarrans are no more advanced than the Lysians, and were hoping to win the war by erasing the Enterprise crew's memories and manipulating them into destroying the Lysian Central Command.

As Dr. Crusher works to restore the crew's memories, the Enterprise heads for Starbase 301.

  • Factoid: Holodeck Program 47-C involves diving off the Cliffs of Heaven on Sumiko Four. Dr. Crusher recommends the Emerald Wading Pool on Cirrus Four as a safer form of recreation.

  • Guest Characters: Ensign Ro Laren
    Alien Races: *Satarran, *Lysians, Bajoran

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