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Star Trek: The Original Series Season One DVD set
[USA] [Canada] [France] [UK] [Germany]
Production Number: 16
Original Air Date: 11-24-66
Stardates: 3013.1

Synopsis: With the U.S.S. Enterprise locked on a course to the forbidden planet Talos Four, and Commander Spock on trial for mutiny, Commodore Mendez reconvenes the court martial. They continue watching the video transmissions from Talos Four of Captain Pike's original mission to the planet.

Pike was captured by the Talosians and held in an underground menagerie with a human woman named Veena, the sole survivor of the S.S. Valiant. The telepathic Talosians use Pike's memories and dreams to create illusions for him, including his battle against the Kaylar on Rigel Seven two weeks ago. Pike learned that the Talosians fled underground due to war thousands of centuries ago, and developed advanced mental powers, but eventually they lost the ability to maintain the machines running their planet. Pike was captured so he and Veena could breed a race of human slaves for the Talosians, but Pike resisted and the Talosians realized that humans could not live in captivity. The Talosians allowed Captain Pike and the Enterprise crew to leave, but Veena remained behind because she was horribly disfigured when her ship crashed, and only with the Talosians' mental powers could she have the illusion of normal life.

Once the Enterprise reaches Talos Four and the court martial is over, Captain Kirk learns that the presence of Commodore Mendez on board was an illusion, and the court martial was created to distract him so he would not stop the Enterprise from reaching the planet. The Talosians have been transmitting the images to Starbase Eleven, and with Pike's importance to Starfleet, Commodore Mendez makes an exception to General Order 7, and allows Fleet Captain Pike to live out his life on Talos Four, where he can live unfettered by his disfigured body.

  • Factoid: On Earth, Captain Pike had a horse named Tango.

  • Guest Characters: Fleet Captain Christopher Pike, Lt. Hansen, [Commodore José I. Mendez]
    Alien Races: *Talosians, *[Orion], *[Rigelian Kaylar]

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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