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Star Trek: The Original Series Season One DVD set
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Episode Title: "SPACE SEED"
Production Number: 24
Original Air Date: 02-16-67
Stardates: 3141.9, 3142.8, 3143.3

Synopsis: The United Space Ship Enterprise finds an old DY-100 Class space craft -- used on Earth in the 1990s -- emitting an old Morse code signal. A landing party, including Twentieth Century historian Lt. Marla McGivers, boards the old atomic-powered ship, called the S.S. Botany Bay. They find around 70 bodies in suspended animation, and one of them awakens -- a Sikh warrior named Khan.

The Enterprise heads for Starbase 12 -- its command base in the sector, on a planet in the Gamma 400 star system -- with the S.S. Botany Bay in tow.

Khan is returned to the Enterprise to recover, but he is reluctant to answer questions about his past or his ship's mission. He has been sleeping for two centuries, since the mid 1990s when Earth's last world war -- the Eugenics Wars -- was fought, during which a group of scientists had genetically engineered a superior breed of man. In 1993, a group of young supermen seized power simultaneously in over 40 nations, but the aggressive leaders began to fight among themselves. After they were defeated, over 80 of the supermen were missing.

Lt. Marla McGivers, fascinated by historical warriors, begins to fall in love with Khan. Captain Kirk learns that their passenger is Khan Noonien Singh, absolute ruler from 1992 to 1996 of more than a quarter of the world, from Asia through the Middle East. Lt. McGivers helps Khan escape to his ship and revive his group of genetic supermen, and they quickly take over the Enterprise in order to find a colony planet where they can rule again.

When Khan threatens to kill the captain, Lt. McGivers helps Kirk escape, and he manages to flood the ship with anesthesia gas to knock out the supermen. After regaining control of the ship, Kirk offers Khan and his group the chance to colonize the savage fifth planet in the Ceti Alpha star system. Facing a court martial, Lt. Marla McGivers decides to join Khan in exile on the planet.

  • Factoid: Sleeper ships were used for space travel until 2018, because travelling between planets took years.

  • Dr. McCoy: "I signed aboard this ship to practice medicine, not to have my atoms scattered back and forth across space by this gadget."

  • Guest Characters: *Khan Noonien Singh, Lt. Kyle, *Lt. Marla McGivers, Lt. Leslie, *[Flavius], *[Richard the Lion-Hearted], *[Leif Ericson], *[Napoleon]
    Alien Races:
    Starships: *S.S. Botany Bay

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