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Star Trek: The Original Series Season Two set
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Episode Title: "THE APPLE"
Production Number: 38
Original Air Date: 10-13-67
Stardates: 3715.3

Synopsis: Following strange sensor readings from the last scout ship, Starfleet orders the U.S.S. Enterprise to investigate planet Gamma Trianguli Six. Captain Kirk leads a landing party to the planet, which at first appears like a paradise with fertile soil. But Ensign Hendorrf is killed by a poisonous plant, Lt. Kaplan is killed by a bolt of lightning, and Lt. Mallory is killed when he steps on an explosive rock.

The Enterprise detects abnormalities in the planet's electromagnetic field, and begins losing potency in its antimatter pods. A transmission from the planet's surface is causing a power drain, and the Enterprise is unable to beam up the landing party. A tractor beam captures the Enterprise and begins pulling it toward the planet.

The landing party makes contact with the primitive natives of the planet, who call themselves the Feeders of Vaal, led by a man named Akuta. Vaal is an ancient power generator protected by a force field.

Dr. McCoy determines that the Feeders of Vaal do not age and are free of disease, and they do not need to reproduce. Their culture has not advanced in at least 10,000 years.

When the Feeders of Vaal observe forbidden romantic behavior between Ensign Chekov and Yeoman Martha Landon, Vaal instructs Akuta and his people to kill the Enterprise landing party. They kill Lt. Marple, but the rest of the landing party fights them off and refuses to let them feed Vaal at the appointed time.

The Enterprise fires its phasers at Vaal, depleting Vaal's energy reserves and breaking through its force field. With Vaal destroyed, the Enterprise is able to restore its power, and the landing party must teach Akuta and his people to take care of themselves and live free of Vaal's control.

  • Factoid: There are 400 people aboard the Enterprise.

  • Factoid: In an emergency, the Enterprise can discard the warp drive nacelles, and escape with the main section.

  • Dr. McCoy: "Dead."

  • Guest Characters: Lt. Kyle, Lt Leslie, *Yeoman Martha Landon, *Ensign Hendorrf dies, *Lt. Kaplan dies, *Lt. Mallory dies, *Lt. Marple dies
    Alien Races: *Vaalians

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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