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Star Trek: The Original Series Season Two set
[USA] [Canada] [France] [UK] [Germany]
Production Number: 46
Original Air Date: 01-05-68
Stardates: 3211.7, 3211.8, 3259.2

Synopsis: The United Space Ship Enterprise enters orbit of Gamma Two, an uninhabited planetoid with an automatic communications and astrogation station, to make a routine check of its facilities.

As Captain Kirk, Ensign Chekov, and Lt. Uhura prepare to transport to the planetoid, they vanish and find themselves prisoners on the distant planet Triskelion, in a trinary star system, where they and other aliens from around the Galaxy are trained to fight for the amusement of the Providers.

The Enterprise crew traces an ionization trail to the M-Two-Four-Alpha trinary star system, 11.630 light-years away. When the Enterprise reaches the planet Triskelion, the Providers disable all of the ship's systems.

Captain Kirk learns that the Providers are really disembodied brains, evolved from humanoid form over eons, sustained by a power source in an underground cavern. They enslave inferior beings for athletic competition as their only remaining challenge. Kirk makes a wager with the Providers, that he can win a battle against three of the alien slaves, and if he succeeds, the Providers will let the Enterprise go and allow the enslaved aliens to govern themselves freely.

  • Factoid: Quatloos are the unit of currency on Triskelion.

  • Guest Characters:
    Alien Races: *Triskelions, Andorian

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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