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Star Trek: The Original Series Season Three set
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Production Number: 58
Original Air Date: 10-04-68
Stardates: 4842.6

Synopsis: Captain Kirk leads a landing party to an Earthlike planet that is on a collision course with an approaching asteroid, and finds an advanced alien obelisk near a settlement of a primitive Native American tribe. Kirk accedentally triggers a hidden door on the obelisk with his communicator and falls inside, and the Enterprise crew must leave without him in order to alter the approaching asteroid's course.

Kirk emerges from the obelisk with amnesia, and the native tribe believes he is a god. He learns that the tribe was brought to the planet by the "Wise Ones," who appointed a medicine chief to keep the secret of the temple and use it when the sky darkens, but the current medicine chief's father died before he could pass on the secrets of the temple.

After an unsuccessful attempt to divert the asteroid, the Enterprise burns out its warp engines, and it will take 59.223 days to get back to the planet at impulse speed, with the asteroid close behind.

Kirk becomes the medicine chief after reviving a drowning boy, and he is married by tradition to Miramanee, the tribal priestess.

Spock's research determines that the obelisk is a marker left by a super race called "The Preservers" who passed through the Galaxy relocating endangered cultures to places where they could thrive. As the asteroid approaches, Spock beams down to the planet and helps Kirk regain his memory through a Vulcan mind meld, and they are able to activate the obelisk and deflect the asteroid. Kirk's wife is killed by stone-throwing villagers who no longer believe he is a god, and Dr. McCoy is unable to save her.

  • Factoid: Under stress, Vulcans can do without sleep for weeks.

  • Guest Characters: Nurse Christine Chapel, *Miramanee dies
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