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Star Trek: The Original Series Season Three set
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Episode Title: "THE LIGHTS OF ZETAR"
Production Number: 73
Original Air Date: 01-31-69
Stardates: 5725.3, 5725.6

Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise is en route to Memory Alpha -- a planetoid set up as a central library containing the total cultural and scientific knowledge of all Federation members -- with specialist Lt. Mira Romaine aboard to supervise the transfer of new equipment from the Enterprise to Memory Alpha. Lt. Commander Scott falls in love with Lt. Romaine.

The Enterprise encounters an energy storm moving at warp speed that enters the ship and causes Lt. Romaine to collapse. The storm then heads towards Memory Alpha. A landing party beams down to Memory Alpha and finds all personnel dead, and Lt. Romaine has a premonition that the storm is returning. The energy storm pursues the Enterprise, and Commander Spock detects ten life forms within the storm.

The crew determines that Lt. Romaine is mentally linked with the alien life forms, who are the last souls from Zetar -- where all humanoid life was destroyed long ago -- and have searched a millennium for a compatible mind and body. Lt. Romaine is placed in a Sick Bay pressure chamber to drive the alien spirits from her body, and the Enterprise returns to Memory Alpha so she can complete her work.

  • Factoid: There are 430 people aboard the Enterprise.

  • Dr. McCoy: "She's dead."

  • Guest Characters: Lt. Kyle, Nurse Christine Chapel
    Alien Races: Andorians, Tellarites, *Zetars

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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