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Episode Title: "TIME AND AGAIN"

Production Number: 804
Original Air Date: 01-30-95
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: The Voyager is approaching a red dwarf system when it encounters a shockwave that originated from a Class-M planet, which the crew discovers has been completely destroyed by a polaric explosion, and all organic matter on the surface has been vaporized. While exploring the surface, Captain Janeway and Tom Paris are trapped in a subspace fracture and they find themselves in the past, a day before the explosion destroyed the planet. Janeway realizes that their presence there, and her crew's attempt to rescue them from the past, are responsible for the accident, so she prevents the rescue attempt, thereby preventing the explosion and averting the disaster. The Voyager passes by the planet and notes a pre-warp civilization living on the planet, so there is no reason to stop. Only Kes, with her developing Ocampan mental abilities, has any memory of the explosion in a timeline that never happened.

  • Factoid: Paris tries to convince Kim to go on a double date with the Delaney sisters in Stellar Cartography, but Kim plans to see his girlfriend on Earth again.

  • Factoid: A Romulan research colony on Chaltok 4 was nearly destroyed while testing a polaric device, leading to the Polaric Test Ban Treaty of 2268.

  • Factoid: Drakian forrest dwellers were a tribe with paranormal abilities, according to Neelix.

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