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Episode Title: "PHAGE"

Production Number: 805
Original Air Date: 02-06-95
Stardates: 48532.4

Synopsis: Captain Janeway discoveres that Neelix has converted her private dining room into a galley, where he can cook meals for the crew with fresh food rather than dehydrated rations.

The Voyager locates a rogue planet on which large dilithium deposits are detected, but while exploring the surface, Neelix is attacked by Vidiians and his lungs are beamed out of his body. The Voyager's Emergency Medical Hologram creates holographic lungs based on Neelix's transporter matrix to keep him alive in Sick Bay.

The Voyager crew catches the Vidiians, but they have already transplanted Neelix's lungs, and one of them would have to die in order to return the organs to Neelix. The Vidiians use their advanced medical knowledge to transplant one of Kes's lungs, which she has donated, into Neelix.

The E.M.H. offers to teach Kes to become a medical assistant in Sick Bay once she's recovered.

  • Factoid: Yallitians have three spinal columns. Their engineers are also interested in dilithium, according to Neelix.

  • Factoid: Rectilian vultures are known to swoop in on their prey.

  • Factoid: Vidiians are Class-Three humanoid organisms.

  • E.M.H.: "I didn't design the room, I just work here. ... I'm a doctor, Mr. Neelix, not a decorator."

  • Guest Characters: 'Ensign Seska'
    Alien Races: Cardassian [Bajoran], *Vidiians, Kazon

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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