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Episode Title: "COLD FIRE"

Production Number: 826
Original Air Date: 11-13-95
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: Ten months after the Voyager crew was stranded in the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker, Tuvok is helping Kes develop her increasing mental powers. The crew detects sporocystian life signs similar to the Caretaker's from a space station ten light-years away. At the space station, the crew meets Ocampa who were brought there 300 years ago by Suspiria, the Caretaker's mate. While the Caretaker wanted to maintain the status quo, Suspiria taught the Ocampa to develop their psychokinetic skills, and doubled their lifespans.

The Ocampa on the station try to convince Kes to stay with them and expand her mental powers, and Suspiria will lead her to a subspace layer called Exosia, a place of pure thought and energy.

When Suspiria arrives, she believes the Voyager crew killed the Caretaker, but Captain Janeway convinces her that they are not hostile. Suspiria disappears into subspace, leaving the Voyager to make its own way back to the Alpha Quadrant, and Kes resumes her lessons with Tuvok to control her mental powers.

  • Factoid: The Caretaker and Suspiria belonged to a sporocystian species called the Nacene.

  • Guest Characters:
    Alien Races: Ocampa, Nacene

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