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Episode Title: "PROTOTYPE"

Production Number: 829
Original Air Date: 01-15-96
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: The Voyager finds a damaged robot body floating in space; B'Elanna Torres beams it aboard and tries to repair it. Torres uses plasma from the warp engines to energize the robot's power module, and it identifies itself as Pralor Automated Personnel Unit 3947. He tells Torres that the people who created the automated personnel units are all dead, and the robots cannot build more of themselves.

When the Voyager returns 3947 to a Pralor ship, he abducts Torres and forces her to build a new prototype robot that can be reproduced. When a ship of Cravic automated personnel units attacks them, 3947 reveals that the Pralor and Cravic called a truce and would no longer need the robots, so the robots killed their organic builders and continued the war. The Pralor automated personnel units intend to use the prototype to reproduce themselves so they can outnumber the Cravic automated personnel units. Before being rescued by the Voyager, Torres destroys her prototype so the robots will not be able to reproduce.

  • Factoid: A blood transfusion from a Vulcan would kill a Bolian.

  • E.M.H: "I shouldn't have to remind you, I'm a doctor ..."
    B'Elanna Torres: "... not an engineer. Right."

  • Guest Characters:
    Alien Races: *Pralor automated personnel units, *Cravic automated personnel units

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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