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Episode Title: "THRESHOLD"

Production Number: 832
Original Air Date: 01-29-96
Stardates: 49373.4

Synopsis: The Voyager crew found a new form of dilithium in an asteroid field last month, and they are working on a theory to use the dilithium to break the Warp 10 barrier, at which a starship would be moving at infinite speed and could travel anywhere in the Universe instantly. After several holodeck simulations, Tom Paris successfully breaks the transwarp threshold, and next takes a shuttle on an actual test flight of the transwarp drive. Paris successfully breaks Warp 10 and returns to the Voyager moments later with sensor data of the entire sector.

After the flight, Paris begins to mutate and his personality starts to change; he kidnaps the captain and takes her into transwarp on the shuttle. When the Voyager catches up to them, they have landed on a planet, mutated into alien creatures, and have produced offspring, which the crew leaves behind on the planet. The E.M.H. manages to remove the mutated DNA and restore Paris and Janeway to normal.

Voyager crewman Michael Jonas secretly informs Rettik of the Kazon-Nistrim about the Warp 10 shuttle flight.

  • Factoid: Neelix did two years as an engineer's assistant aboard a Trabalian freighter; he is well versed in warp theory.

  • Guest Characters: Michael Jonas, Rettik
    Alien Races: Kazon-Nistrim

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