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Episode Title: "LIFESIGNS"

Production Number: 836
Original Air Date: 02-26-96
Stardates: 49504.3

Synopsis: The Voyager answers a distress call from Dr. Denara Pel, a Vidiian woman suffering from the Phage, and she is beamed to Sick Bay. The Emergency Medical Hologram detects a failing electronic implant in her brain, so he transfers her brain patterns to the Sick Bay's holo-buffer before they degrade, and creates a healthy holographic body for her.

Based on the Vidiian experiments on B'Elanna Torres, the E.M.H. knows that Klingon tissue is resistant to the Phage, so he transplants some of Torres's brain tissue into Dr. Pel's cerebral cortex before the interface with her neural implant degrades. While they are waiting for her body to recover, the E.M.H. takes the holographic Dr. Pel to holodeck program Paris Three (Sandrine's French bistro) to pass the time. Dr. Pel decides to name the E.M.H. after her uncle, Shmullus. The E.M.H. begins developing romantic feelings for her; he follows Paris's advice to take Dr. Pel on a date in the holodeck, parking in a 1957 Chevy convertible on a cliff overlooking a city on Mars. After restoring her body, the E.M.H. and Dr. Pel spend two weeks together before they reach her home colony.

Lt. Tom Paris is late for his duty shift again, leading to an argument with Commander Chakotay, and Paris is thrown into the Brig. Michael Jonas secretly informs his contact in the Kazon-Nistrim about the dissension aboard the ship, and he demands to talk to 'Seska' before he will agree to the Kazon-Nistrim's request that he sabotage his ship's warp coils. 'Seska' later contacts Jonas and tells him that she plans to capture the Voyager, and she wants his help.

  • Factoid: The E.M.H. was developed by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman in a lab on Jupiter Station; he was activated on Stardate 48308; since that time he has performed 347 medical exams, healed 11 compound fractures, performed three appendectomies, and cured Neelix of an acute case of the hiccups. The E.M.H. is equipped with the collected medical knowledge of more than 3,000 cultures, including a neural surgical procedure developed by Dr. Leonard McCoy in 2253.

  • Factoid: The E.M.H. starts keeping a personal log, beginning on Stardate 49504.3.

  • Guest Characters: Michael Jonas, 'Seska', *Dr. Denara Pel
    Alien Races: Vidiian, Cardassian, [Daliwakan], Kazon-Nistrim

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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