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Episode Title: "BASICS, PART I"

Production Number: 842
Original Air Date: 05-20-96
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: Lon Suder, confined to his quarters for his crimes, has been cultivating orchids -- a talent he received from Tuvok's mind meld.

'Seska' sends a message to the Voyager claiming to have given birth to a child conceived with Chakotay's DNA. The Voyager beams aboard an injured Kazon-Nistrim from a damaged shuttle who tells them that 'Seska' has been killed and the child has been taken to a nearby planet. On the way to the planet, several small Kazon ships attack the Voyager, causing damage to the secondary command processors, but no important ship systems.

As a fleet of Kazon-Nistrim ships attacks the Voyager, the Kazon who was beamed aboard earlier detonates an organic explosive in his blood, damaging a plasma conduit and blasting a hole in the wall of Lon Suder's quarters. The explosion damages ship systems and the Kazon-Nistrim begin to board the ship. Lt. Paris takes a shuttle and heads for a nearby Talaxian colony for help, and Captain Janeway orders the self-destruct sequence, but it does not function with the secondary command processors damaged. 'Seska' and First Maje Jal Culluh lead the Kazon-Nistrim to take over the Voyager and they leave the entire crew behind on a primative planet in the Hanon system. The E.M.H. deactivates himself for 12 hours, and Lon Suder hides inside an air duct aboard the Voyager.

Guest Characters: 'Seska', First Maje Jal Culluh, Lon Suder, [Kolopak]
Alien Races: Kazon-Nistrim, Cardassians, Betazoid, *Hanonians

KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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