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Episode Title: "FUTURE'S END, PART II"

Production Number: 851
Original Air Date: 11-13-96
Stardates: 1996, 50312.5

Synopsis: Trapped in the Twentieth Century, the Voyager crew must stop Henry Starling from using the stolen timeship and destroying Earth in the Twenty-ninth Century. Starling uses Twenty-ninth Century technology to create an autonomous, self-sustaining, mobile holo-emitter for the E.M.H., whom he has downloaded from the Voyager.

The Voyager destroys Starling and his stolen timeship before he can travel to the future, preventing the disaster that led Captain Braxton to try to destroy the Voyager in the Twenty-fourth Century. A young Captain Braxton arrives from the Twenty-ninth Century with no memory of the events the Voyager prevented, and he returns the Voyager to its previous position in the Delta Quadrant in the Twenty-fourth Century.

The E.M.H. still has the autonomous mobile holo-emitter that Starling created from Twenty-ninth Century technology, and he begins making plans for what he will do now that he is no longer confined to Sick Bay.

  • Factoid: The E.M.H. is still recovering from his recent memory loss.

  • E.M.H.: "I'm a doctor, not a data base."

  • Guest Characters: Henry Starling dies, Captain Braxton, Ensign Kaplan
    Alien Races:
    Starships: Federation Timeship Aeon

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