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Episode Title: "BEFORE AND AFTER"

Production Number: 863
Original Air Date: 04-09-97
Stardates: 56947., 55836.2

Synopsis: At the end of Kes's short nine-year Ocampan lifespan, she suffers from the morilogium and the Voyager's E.M.H., Dr. van Gogh, creates a bio-temporal chamber to reverse her aging process, but after he activates it, she begins jumping backwards in time, with memories of the future but not the past.

After several jumps backwards in time, she learns that residual chroniton particles in her body since a Krenim attack years earlier will be reactivated by the bio-temporal field in the future. She jumps back to Stardate 50973. -- the Year of Hell during a Krenim attack in which Captain Janeway, B'Elanna Torres, and Joe Carey are killed -- and Kes finds the temporal variance of the chroniton torpedo that infected her. Farther in the past, the E.M.H. uses the information to create a bio-temporal chamber and bring her back into temporal sync at the age of three years and two months, where Kes retains her past memories and knowledge of her alternate future after the Krenim attack.

  • Factoid: Some species, including the Yattho of the Beta Quadrant, have been able to predict future events with uncanny accuracy.

  • Guest Characters:
    Alien Races: Ocampa, *Krenim

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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