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Episode Title: "NATURAL LAW"

Production Number: 968
Original Air Date: 05-02-01
Stardates: 54827.7

Synopsis: While taking a shuttle to a four-day conference on Ledos, Commander Chakotay and Seven of Nine strike an energy barrier covering a wooded area of the planet, which damages their shuttle. They use the phasers to penetrate the barrier and beam down to the surface before the shuttle crashes.

Lt. Paris is cited by Ledos Port Control for flying the Delta Flyer unsafely, and must attend a three-day flight safety class as his penalty.

Captain Janeway learns from the Ledosian ambassador that the energy barrier was created by aliens centuries ago to protect the indigenous Ventu from the more advanced Ledosians.

Seven of Nine manages to deactivate the barrier using components from the crashed shuttle, allowing the Voyager to beam them up. The Ledosians use the opportunity to survey the area for resources, but the Voyager crew believes that the advanced Ledosians will corrupt the primitive Ventu's way of life. Captain Janeway plans to beam up the last shuttle components, restoring the barrier, over the Ledosians' objections.

  • Factoid: The energy barrier may have been constructed by Species 312, which was later assimilated by the Borg.

  • Guest Characters:
    Alien Races: *Ledosians, *Ventu
    Starships: Delta Flyer II

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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