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Star Trek: Enterprise Season One DVD set
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Episode Title: "SHUTTLEPOD ONE"
Production Number: 016
Original Air Date: 02-13-02
Stardates: November 9, 2151

Synopsis: Commander Tucker and Lt. Reed are aboard Shuttlepod 1 testing the shuttle's targeting scanners while the Enterprise surveys an asteroid field. The shuttle suffers an unexplained impact that damages its sensors and communication systems.

While docking with the Enterprise, a Tesnian ship suddenly suffers unexplained system failures and the ships collide; the Tesnian ship damages the launch bay doors and crashes on a nearby asteroid, but the Enterprise manages to pick up the survivors from Tesnian escape pods and returns them to Tesnia before the scheduled rendezvous with the shuttlepod.

T'Pol believes the damage to the Tesnian ship was caused by micro-singularities in the asteroid field, but Captain Archer dismisses micro-singularities as a Vulcan myth; there's no scientific evidence that they exist.

Shuttlepod 1 suffers another mysterious impact, which damages its oxygen supply, leaving Tucker and Reed only two days of air, and no way to contact help.

  • Factoid: Tesnians need at least six hours of boron gas a day.

  • Factoid: There was a bar in Mill Valley called the 602 Club, where Starfleet trainees used to go. Tucker and Reed both knew a waitress named Ruby who worked there.

  • Guest Characters:
    Alien Races: *Tesnians

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