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Star Trek: Enterprise Season One DVD set
[USA] [Canada] [France] [UK] [Germany]
Episode Title: "OASIS"
Production Number: 020
Original Air Date: 04-03-02
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: The Enterprise crew learns from an alien trader named D'Marr that there is a crashed cargo ship on a nearby planet that may contain some needed engineering supplies, but D'Marr warns that the ship is haunted.

Captain Archer leads a landing party to the crashed ship, and they discover a dampening field that prevents anyone from detecting the life signs of the crew living on the ship. The survivors tell the Enterprise crew that they were on their way back to their world Kantare from their colony on Kotara Barath when they were attacked and their cargo ship crashed on the planet three years ago. They set up the dampening field to hide from their attackers, and have made a home for themselves on the ship. Captain Archer offers to have his crew help repair the Kantareans' ship.

The Kantareans ask for help to repair their optronic relays, and Commander Tucker says he has worked on similar technology on a Xyrillian ship.

The Enterprise crew eventually discovers that the cargo ship actually crashed 22 years ago, when an ion storm overloaded the ship's plasma conduits. Only the ship's engineer and his daughter, Liana, survived the crash, and the engineer re-created the crew as holograms for companionship over the past two decades. The Enterprise crew gives the Kantareans the components they need to repair their ship so they can go home.

  • Factoid: The warlords on Preenos use the spice Hajjlaran to test their courage.

  • Factoid: There are 83 people on the Enterprise, plus Porthos, the Captain's dog.

  • Guest Characters: *D'Marr
    Alien Races: *Kantareans

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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