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Episode Title: STAR TREK

Production Number: XI
Original Air Date: 05-08-09
Stardates: 2233.04, 2258.42

Synopsis: On Stardate 2387, following a supernova that is consuming everything in its path, Ambassador Spock helps outfit the Federation's fastest ship with "red matter," which can create a black hole to absorb the exploding star. But after the ship is launched by the Vulcan Science Academy, Spock is too late to stop the destruction of Romulus before he can create the black hole.

Nero, captain of the Romulan Mining Vessel Narada, who was off-planet, witnesses the destruction of Romulus, where his pregnant wife lived. Blaming Spock and the Federation for the death of his wife and planet, Nero uses his ship, the Narada, to attack Spock's ship, but both ships are pulled into the black hole.

On Stardate 2233.04, the Narada arrives in the past through a spatial vortex on the edge of Klingon space, where the Narada attacks and destroys the U.S.S. Kelvin, killing Lt. George Kirk while his wife and newborn son, Jim, escape aboard a shuttlecraft.

Nero and the crew of the Narada wait 25 years for Ambassador Spock's ship to emerge from the black hole. When Spock does emerge, the Romulans capture him and his ship containing the "red matter" device. After stranding Ambassador Spock on the nearby planet Delta Vega, Nero plans to use his mining ship to drill a hole into Vulcan's core, then launch a small amount of "red matter" into the shaft, where it will create a singularity that will destroy Spock's home planet as he watches.

On Earth, in the long-range sensor lab at Starfleet Academy, Lt. Uhura picks up a distress signal from a Klingon prison planet, where an armada of 47 Klingon ships was destroyed by a massive Romulan ship.

After Cadet James T. Kirk cheats on a simulator test to rescue the U.S.S. Kobayashi Maru, he is suspended from active duty, but his friend, Dr. Leonard McCoy, fabricates a medical waiver to get him aboard Starfleet's newest flagship, the U.S.S. Enterprise, commanded by Captain Christopher Pike, as it is launched early to investigate a seismic disturbance reported by the Vulcan High Command, shortly after Starfleet telemetry detects a spatial anomaly in the Neutral Zone.

Kirk recognizes that the anomaly in the Neutral Zone is the same one that was detected before his father was killed aboard the U.S.S. Kelvin on the day of Kirk's birth, and warns Captain Pike that Vulcan is under attack by Romulans. When the Enterprise and the other Federation starships arrive at Vulcan, they are unable to stop Nero from launching Ambassador Spock's "red matter" into the planet's core, creating a black hole that collapses the planet, killing most of its six billion inhabitants.

After Captain Pike is captured by Nero and the Narada heads toward Earth, Commander Spock orders the Enterprise to meet the rest of the fleet in the Laurentian system, but Kirk argues that they must go to Earth and confront Nero. When Kirk becomes disruptive on the bridge, Commander Spock maroons him in an escape pod on the nearby planet Delta Vega, where Kirk encounters Ambassador Spock.

Ambassador Spock mind-melds with Kirk, revealing that 129 years in the future, a star will explode and threaten to destroy the Galaxy. After the destruction of Romulus, Nero attacked Spock's ship, causing both of them to enter the black hole. The Narada went through first and emerged earlier in the past, on Stardate 2233.04. Spock's ship emerged 25 years later, and was captured by the waiting Nero, who stranded Spock on Delta Vega to force him to witness Vulcan's destruction.

Ambassador Spock and Kirk reach a nearby outpost on Delta Vega, where they meet Montgomery Scott, a Starfleet engineer who postulated the theory of transwarp beaming. Scott has been posted on the barren Delta Vega outpost since he tested his transwarp beaming theory on Admiral Archer's prized beagle, which has yet to reappear. Spock gives Scott his future equation for transwarp beaming, which Scott and Kirk use to transport aboard the Enterprise as it heads to the Laurentian system.

After Kirk provokes Commander Spock into an emotional outburst, Spock resigns, leaving Kirk in command of the Enterprise. Kirk orders the ship to head to Earth, so he can stop Nero from destroying it with the "red matter."

  • Factoid: James T. Kirk was born on Stardate 2233.04. His father's father was named Tiberius. His mother's father was named Jim.

  • Factoid: Uhura's first name is Nyota.

  • Factoid: Symptoms of Andorian shingles include bleeding from the eyeballs.

  • Factoid: Commander Spock, one of Starfleet Academy's most distinguished graduates, has programmed the Kobayashi Maru test for the past four years.

  • Factoid: The Federation's primary fleet is engaged in the Laurentian system.

  • Factoid: Starfleet ships docked at Earth include the U.S.S. Hood, the U.S.S. Truman, the U.S.S. Newton, the U.S.S. Farragut, the U.S.S. Wolcott, the U.S.S. Antares, and the newest flagship, the U.S.S. Enterprise.

  • Factoid: A vaccination against viral infection from Melvaran mud fleas includes the symptoms of loss of vision, headache, sweating, nausea, swollen hands, and a numb tongue.

  • Factoid: Lt. Uhura can speak all three dialects of Romulan.

  • Factoid: Vulcan had 6 billion inhabitants.

  • Factoid: A Centaurian slug can latch onto the brain stem and release a toxin that forces a person to answer questions.

  • Factoid: Delta Vega is an unsafe Class-M planet with a Federation outpost.

  • Factoid: Starfleet Security Protocol 49.09 governs the treatment of prisoners aboard a starship.

  • Factoid: Starfleet Regulation 619 states that any command officer, who is emotionally compromised by the mission at hand, must resign said command.

  • McCoy: "I'm a doctor, Jim. I'm busy."

  • McCoy: "Dr. Puri was on Deck Six. He's dead."

  • McCoy: "Damn it, man, I'm a doctor, not a physicist."

  • Guest Characters: *Lt. George Kirk, James T. Kirk, Commander Spock, Dr. McCoy, Lt. Scott, Lt. Sulu, Ensign Chekov, Lt. Uhura, Nurse Chapel, Ambassador Sarek, Amanda, *Captain Robau, Admiral Christopher Pike, *Keenser, *Captain Nero
    Alien Races: Romulans, Vulcans, Orions, Tribble, [Klingons]
    Starships: U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, *U.S.S. Kelvin NCC-0514, *Romulan Mining Vessel Narada, *[U.S.S. Kobayashi Maru]

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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