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Episode Title: "Sarek"

Production Number: 171
Original Air Date: Week of 05-16-90
Stardates: 43917.4, 43920.7

Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise arrives at Vulcan to pick up Federation Ambassador Sarek and his second human wife, Perrin. Aboard the Enterprise, Sarek will oversee the first meeting between the Federation and the mysterious Legarans at Legara Four.

Sarek has been unable to meditate for many weeks, and after he comes aboard, several Enterprise crew members begin getting into fights, and Lt. Worf puts Ensign D'Amato on report for insubordination. Dr. Crusher theorizes that Sarek suffers from a rare illness called Bendii Syndrome, which affects Vulcans over the age of 200 and causes them to lose control of their emotions. Sakkath, Sarek's personal assistant, has been using his telepathic skills to reinforce Sarek's mental discipline, but the strain of the Legaran mission has caused Sarek to lose control of his emotions and telepathically project them onto others.

Perrin and Ki Mendrossen -- Ambassador Sarek's chief of staff -- have been isolating the ambassador from others to hide his condition, but Captain Picard refuses to let the diplomatic mission proceed while Sarek's illness may jeopardize it. At Perrin's request, Picard proposes a mind-meld between Sarek and himself, so that the ambassador can use Picard's emotional stability to complete the treaty with the Legarans.

After the negotiations are successfully completed, the U.S.S. Merrimac arrives to transport Ambassador and his party back to Vulcan.

  • Factoid: Commander Riker studied Sarek's career in school, including the treaty of Alpha Cygnus Nine, the Coridan admission to the Federation, and the Klingon Alliance.

  • Factoid: As a young lieutenant, Picard met Sarek years ago at the wedding of Sarek's son.

  • Factoid: Ambassador Sarek has worked for 93 years in preparation for the meeting with the Legarans.

  • Factoid: Ambassador Sarek is 202 years old, according to Captain Picard.

  • Factoid: The U.S.S. Enterprise is the flagship of the Federation.

  • Factoid: Lt. Commander Data has been programmed to reproduce the styles of over 300 concert violinists, including Heifitz, Menuhin, Grak-Tay, and Tataglia.

  • Factoid: Ensign Wesley Crusher has a date with Ensign Susanne Dumont in the Arboretum.

  • Guest Characters: Sarek, *Perrin, O'Brien
    Alien Races: Vulcans

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