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Star Trek: The Original Series Season One DVD set
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Episode Title: "THE NAKED TIME"
Production Number: 07
Original Air Date: 09-29-66
Stardates: 1704.2, 1704.4

Synopsis: The Enterprise is in orbit of Psi 2000 -- an ancient world that is now frozen and disentegrating -- to pick up a scientific party and observe the disintegration of the planet. But the landing party finds the science team dead, including one fully clothed man in a shower, and the station's life support systems deactivated.

When the landing party returns to the Enterprise, crew members begin behaving as if intoxicated. Lt. Riley locks himself in Engineering and shuts down power to the engines.

Dr. McCoy isolates the pathogen to a complex chain of water molecules and develops an antidote. Spock and Scott are able to use a new intermix formula to cold-start the engines and escape from orbit before the planet's gravity field collapses. This gravity slingshot effect knocks the Enterprise into a time warp, sending it 71 hours into the past. Spock suggests that since the formula worked, they could use the time warp effect to travel to any point in the past someday.

  • Factoid: Sulu is interested in fencing and botany.

  • Nurse Christine Chapel: "He's dead, Doctor."

  • Guest Characters: *Nurse Christine Chapel, *Lt. Kevin Thomas Riley, Yeoman Janice Rand, Lt. Leslie
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