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Episode Title: "EYE OF THE NEEDLE"

Production Number: 807
Original Air Date: 02-20-95
Stardates: 48579.4

Synopsis: The Voyager finds a wormhole that is too small to travel through, but the crew sends a signal through, and receives a response from a Romulan science vessel in Sector 1385 of the Alpha Quadrant. Chief Engineer Torres finds a way to send a transporter beam through the wormhole, and the Romulan captain, Dr. Telek R'Mor of the Romulan Astrophysical Academy, volunteers to transport to the Voyager, but when he arrives, they learn that he is from the past, the year 2351; the wormhole connects his time to the Voyager's present in 2371.

R'Mor agrees to wait 20 years and give Starfleet messages from the Voyager crew. After the Romulan beams back to his time, Tuvok reveals that Starfleet records indicate that R'Mor died four years ago, in 2367, before he would have sent the Voyager's messages.

The Emergency Medical Hologram continues to teach Kes about first aid and anatomy, and she tells the captain that the E.M.H. should be treated with more respect by the crew; Captain Janeway suggests that the E.M.H. should have the ability to turn himself off when he wants to.

  • Factoid: B'Elanna Torres has not seen her father since she was five, when her parents separated and he went back to Earth; she does not get along very well with her mother, who she thinks is on the Klingon homeworld.

  • Factoid: The Emergency Medical Hologram was in the middle of preparing a culture to test Lt. Hargrove for Arethean flu when Ensign Kyoto deactivated him.

  • Guest Characters: [Mark Johnson]
    Alien Races: Romulan

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