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Episode Title: "CATHEXIS"

Production Number: 813
Original Air Date: 05-01-95
Stardates: 48734.2

Synopsis: Captain Janeway has been participating in a new holonovel set in ancient England.

When their shuttle returns from a trade mission with the Ilidarians, the Voyager crew finds Chakotay and Tuvok unconscious. All of the bio-neural energy has been extracted from Chakotay's brain -- he is in effect brain dead -- but Tuvok awakens and tells Captain Janeway that they were attacked by an alien ship near a dark matter nebula. Janeway orders a course to the nebula, but on the way, the ship changes course several times, with several crew members' minds being taken over by a non-corporeal entity, and Kes senses a presense on the ship. Kes is later found unconscious with bruises on her neck.

Janeway orders the ship's command codes transferred to the Emergency Medical Hologram, who cannot be controlled by an alien consciousness, but the E.M.H. is subsequently disabled. Several Bridge officers are taken over by the entity and they attack Tuvok. The crew realizes that Tuvok has been taken over by an alien entity, and the comatose Chakotay's consciousness has been displaced and he has been inhabiting various crew members to prevent Tuvok from taking the Voyager back to the nebula, where the Komar intend to extract the crew's neural energy.

  • Factoid: The Komar are trianic-based energy beings.

  • Guest Characters: *Lt. Peter Durst, *[Mrs. Templeton], *[Lord Burleigh]
    Alien Races: *Komar

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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