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Episode Title: "THE 37's"

Production Number: 820
Original Air Date: 08-28-95
Stardates: 48975.1

Synopsis: The Voyager detects an old Twentieth-Century Earth S.O.S. signal coming from a nearby Class-L (oxygen-argon atmosphere) planet. Since no one can beam down through the planet's turbulent atmosphere, Captain Janeway lands the ship on the planet near the source of the signal. The crew finds an underground chamber with humans frozen in suspended animation from the year 1937, including aviatrix Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan. Outside, the crew encounters other humans armed with alien weapons.

Humans were brought to the planet by the Briori as slave labor in the Twentieth Century, but the human slaves revolted and drove the Briori off the planet. Over the next four centuries, the humans built a civilization on the planet, and treated the frozen bodies as a shrine, not knowing that they were alive until the Voyager crew revived them. Earhart and the others revived by the Voyager crew choose to remain on the planet with the descendants of the human slaves, and the Voyager continues its course back to Earth.

  • Factoid: There are 152 men and women on the Voyager.

  • Factoid: The year is 2371, according to Captain Janeway.

  • Factoid: Mars was colonized by people from Earth in 2103.

  • Guest Characters: *Amelia Earhart, *Fred Noonan
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