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Episode Title: "FUTURE'S END"

Production Number: 850
Original Air Date: 11-06-96
Stardates: 1967, 1996

Synopsis: Captain Braxton of the Federation Timeship Aeon in the Twenty-ninth Century attempts to destroy the Voyager, which he believes will be responsible for the destruction of Earth in the future; when the Voyager crew resists, both ships are transported through a spatial rift to Twentieth-Century Earth.

In 1967, Henry Starling finds Braxton's crashed timeship while camping in the Sierras, and uses the Twenty-ninth Century technology aboard it to become a wealthy inventor and manufacturer.

In 1996, the Voyager arrives in orbit of Earth and detects subspace signals somewhere in North America. Captain Janeway leads an away team to find the timeship on the surface, and tracks subspace readings to an old Captain Braxton, who has been living as a homeless man in California for three decades. Braxton tells Janeway that Starling stole his timeship, and when he tries to use it, it will destroy Earth and the Voyager in the Twenty-ninth Century.

The Voyager crew finds the timeship in Starling's headquarters, but when they try to transport the timeship, Starling uses his Twenty-ninth Century technology to access the Voyager's computers, and he downloads the Emergency Medical Hologram.

  • Factoid: After the Hermosa quake of 2047, a region of the California coast sank under 200 meters of water; it became one of the world's largest coral reefs.

  • Factoid: The U.S.S. Voyager was launched in the year 2371.

  • Guest Characters: *Henry Starling, *Captain Braxton, *[Richard M. Nixon], *Ensign Kaplan
    Alien Races:
    Starships: *Federation Timeship Aeon

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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