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Enterprise: "Shockwave"
Episode Title: "SHOCKWAVE, PART II"
Production Number: 028
Original Air Date: 09-18-02
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: Silik and his Suliban soldiers board the Enterprise and capture the crew while looking for Captain Archer, who is trapped with Daniels in an alternate future on Earth with no technology to travel back in time.

While exploring the ruins of Thirty-first Century Earth, Daniels sees that a monument to the Federation has never been built, and the city's library is filled with old printed books instead of electronic data.

In the Twenty-second Century, Silik takes the Enterprise back to a Suliban helix outpost and he recovers the data disks that Archer took from the cloaked Suliban ship, but Silik is unable to make contact with his contact in the future.

On Earth, at Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco, Admiral Forrest tells Vulcan Ambassador Soval that Archer has evidence that the Enterprise is not responsible for the destruction of the colony on Paraagan Two. Soval is concerned that they have lost contact with the Enterprise and sends the Vulcan ship D'kyr to find it.

Archer and Daniels search the library, and there are no references to the Federation; by bringing Archer into the future, Daniels has changed all of Earth's history after Archer's disappearance. With no other technology available, Daniels uses his advanced technical knowledge to modify Archer's communicator and scanner and allow them to communicate with the past, a method similar to that used by Silik's contacts, who are from about 300 years earlier than Daniels. Archer contacts the Enterprise, and asks Lt. Malcolm Reed to go to Daniels' quarters and retrieve a hidden piece of Thirty-first Century technology. Silik captures Reed and tries to use the device to interface with the technology in his time chamber to establish a link with his contact in the future, but the device allows Archer to physically transport into Silik's time chamber. Archer takes Silik hostage and escapes the helix station with the data disks.

The Enterprise docks with the Vulcan ship D'kyr and gives the Suliban disks to the Vulcan High Command, clearing the Enterprise in the Paraagan colony's destruction. Vulcan Ambassador Soval still recommends the Enterprise should be recalled to Earth, since in less than a year, the Enterprise has engaged in armed conflicts with over a dozen species, escalated the conflict between the Vulcans and Andorians -- including the destruction of one of the Vulcans' most sacred monasteries -- and helped 89 Suliban escape from dentention. However, Starfleet decides to let the Enterprise continue with its mission.

  • Factoid: In the Thirty-first Century library, Archer sees a book about the Romulan Star Empire.

  • Factoid: Crewman Naiman is pretty small, according to Ensign Travis Mayweather.

  • Factoid: Crewman Fuller tends to be discreet, according to Subcommander T'Pol.

  • Guest Characters: Daniels, Silik, Admiral Forrest, Commander Williams, Vulcan Ambassador Soval
    Alien Races: Suliban, Vulcans
    Starships: *Vulcan D'kyr

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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