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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Two DVD set
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Episode Title: "REGENERATION"
Production Number: 049
Original Air Date: 05-07-03
Stardates: March 1, 2153

Synopsis: In Earth's Arctic Circle, a team of researchers finds debris from a crashed alien ship, with bodies of cybernetically enhanced humanoids that have been buried under a glacier for about a century. When the scientists thaw the bodies, the alien drones revive and assimilate the researchers and their transport craft.

Admiral Forrest contacts the Enterprise and orders Captain Archer to intercept the transport. The Enterprise finds the ship attacking a Tarkalean freighter and assimilating its crew, transforming them into similar cybernetic drones. Dr. Phlox is infected by cybernetic nanoprobes, but he treats himself with omicron particles to destroy the nanoprobes in his body.

Captain Archer is forced to destroy the assimilated transport, but Dr. Phlox senses through a telepathic link with the cybernetic drones that they sent a subspace message with Earth's coordinates to their home in the Delta Quadrant, but the signal will take 200 years to reach its destination, postponing the invasion until the Twenty-fourth Century.

  • Factoid: Denobulans have experimented with nanotechnology.

  • Factoid: In the Beta Magellan system, Dr. Phlox once encountered the Bynars, a species that replaces its parietal lobe with a synaptic processor at birth.

  • Factoid: Zefram Cochrane gave a commencement address at Princeton 89 years ago, when he talked about what really happened during first contact. He mentioned a group of cybernetic creatures from the future who tried to stop his first warp flight, but they were stopped by a group of humans from the future.

  • Factoid: Crewman Cunningham works in the Galley.

  • Dr. Phlox: "I need to think like an engineer, not a physician."

  • Guest Characters: Admiral Forrest, Commander Williams, [Zefram Cochrane]
    Alien Races: Borg, *Tarkaleans, Edosian slugs, *Vulcan sandworms, Pyrithian bat

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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