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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three DVD set
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Episode Title: "STRATAGEM"
Production Number: 066
Original Air Date: 01-28-04
Stardates: December 12, 2153

Synopsis: The Xindi-Primate Degra awakens aboard a Malosian cargo shuttle with human Captain Archer, fleeing from Xindi-Insectoid ships. Archer tells him that they have been in prison together for three years, and Degra's memory has been affected by an Insectoid interrogation chamber. Archer asks Degra about his family's last known location, and Degra says they were in a red giant star system.

Three days earlier, on December 12, 2153, the Enterprise returned to the proving ground for the Xindi weapon, and found Degra's Xindi-Primate ship. The Enterprise attacked the ship, but the Xindi-Primates deleted their computer records before they were captured. Ensign Sato recovered a record of a planet called Azati Prime, but no coordinates. Dr. Phlox erased Degra's recent memories, and the crew constructed a simulated Malosian shuttle in the Cargo Bay in order to trick Degra into thinking it was three years in the future, so he would reveal information about the Xindi weapon.

Degra gives the coordinates of Azati Prime before he realizes that the shuttle is a simulation, then denies that the Xindi weapon is there. Archer later tricks Degra into thinking the Enterprise has travelled through a Xindi subspace vortex to Azati Prime, causing Degra to confirm that the Xindi weapon is being built there.

Dr. Phlox erases the memories of the Xindi-Primates, and they are returned to their ship in the Xindi weapon proving ground, before the Enterprise sets course for Azati Prime.

  • Factoid: Degra tested the weapon prototype in the Calindra system.

  • Factoid: The Xindi Council was formed when the Xindi homeworld was destroyed, in order to find a new homeworld for all Xindi. Plans for reunification were put aside when the Xindi learned of the threat from Earth.

  • Factoid: Degra's wife is named Naara. Their children are Piral and Jaina.

  • Factoid: The MACOs use subdermal transceivers for covert communication.

  • Factoid: The coordinates of the Azati Prime red giant system are 1127.4 by 4052 by 3901.1.

  • Guest Characters: Degra
    Alien Races: Xindi-Primates, [Xindi-Insectoids], *Regulan blood worms
    Starships: *[Malosian cargo shuttle]

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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