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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three DVD set
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Episode Title: "HARBINGER"
Production Number: 067
Original Air Date: 02-11-04
Stardates: December 27, 2153

Synopsis: While the Enterprise is en route to the red giant star system where the Xindi weapon is being constructed, Commander Tucker is showing Vulcan neuropressure techniques to Corporal Amanda Cole, one of the Military Assault Command soldiers posted on the ship. Tucker thinks that Subcommander T'Pol is jealous of Tucker and Cole's relationship. During a neuropressure session, T'Pol tells Tucker that Sim revealed his romantic feelings for her, and T'Pol engages Tucker in a spontaneous sexual encounter. T'Pol later tells Tucker that it was just an experiment in human sexual behavior.

Lt. Reed and MACO Major Hayes continue their rivalry for leadership of ship's security, getting into a physical altercation before Captain Archer orders them to settle their dispute.

The Enterprise encounters a convergence of spatial anomalies, with a small one-man pod just inside the boundary. With a grappling hook, the craft is extracted, and the alien occupant is taken to Sick Bay suffering from cellular degeneration. The pod's hull has the same composition as the alien spheres causing the anomalies in the Delphic Expanse. The alien says he is from a trans-dimensional realm.

The alien has the ability to phase through solid objects, and he damages several ship systems before he is stopped. Before his body disintegrates, he tells Archer that when the Xindi destroy Earth, the alien's people will prevail.

  • Factoid: Corporal Amanda Cole went to school in Florida, not far from where Commander Tucker grew up.

  • Guest Characters: *Corporal Amanda Cole, Major Hayes
    Alien Races: *Sphere-builder

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