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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three DVD set
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Episode Title: "AZATI PRIME"
Production Number: 070
Original Air Date: 03-03-04
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: The Enterprise approaches the Azati Prime red giant system, detecting Xindi activity around two of the inner planets and an array of satellites generating a detection grid. The Enterprise also detects Degra's ship heading into the system.

As the Xindi prepare to launch their weapon, the Enterprise crew studies the recovered Xindi-Insectoid shuttle and uses it to pass through the detection grid and locate the Xindi weapon on a water-covered planet.

Captain Archer decides he will fly the Xindi-Insectoid shuttle on a one-way mission into the weapon and detonate photonic torpedoes to destroy it. Daniels pulls Captain Archer 400 years into the future, aboard the Enterprise-J during the battle of Procyon Five, where the Federation will engage the Sphere-builders in a growing region of reconfigured space that extends 50,000 light-years in all directions. Daniels says that the Sphere-builders have technology to examine alternate timelines, and after seeing this future -- when the Federation defeats the Sphere-builders and drives them back into their transdimensional realm -- the Sphere-builders contacted the Xindi in the past and convinced them to attack Earth so that the Federation will never exist. Daniels gives Archer a Xindi medal belonging to a Xindi crewman on the Enterprise-J, and asks him not to sacrifice himself; Archer must convince the Xindi that Humanity is not their enemy.

Archer ignores Daniels' warning and pilots the Xindi-Insectoid shuttle to the water planet, but finds the Xindi weapon has been moved. Archer is captured and interrogated by Xindi-Reptilians. Reptilian Commander Dolim asks Archer how many other Earth vessels are in the Expanse, and tells Archer that he knows where the Enterprise is. Archer demands to talk privately with Degra, the Xindi-Primate who is building the weapon. Archer tells Degra that his reason for creating the weapon is based on a lie that Earth will destroy the Xindi in the future. Archer gives Degra the Xindi medal from 400 years in the future to convince him that he is telling the truth, and also tells Degra that he saw Xindi-Reptilians developing a bio-weapon in Detroit over a century in the past.

Degra talks to the Primate and Arborial members of the Xindi Council, and convinces them to listen to Archer. The Xindi-Reptilians and Xindi-Insectoids attack the Enterprise at the edge of the Azati Prime system, and Reptilian Commander Dolim takes Archer into custody.

  • Factoid: Fifty years into the Xindi's Great Diaspora, Enarchis wrote, "Without a world of our own, we are but children lost in the wilderness."

  • Factoid: In the Twenty-sixth Century, the Federation will comprise dozens of species, including Vulcans, Andorians, Ithenites, Klingons, Humans, and Xindi.

  • Factoid: Degra was going to name his third child "Trenia," but three months into the pregnancy his wife contracted Anaprolean fever and lost the child.

  • Guest Characters: Porthos, Daniels, Degra, Jannar, Reptilian Commander Dolim
    Alien Races: Xindi-Primates, Xindi-Arboreals, Xindi-Reptilians, Xindi-Insectoids, Xindi-Aquatics
    Starships: *U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-J

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