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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three DVD set
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Episode Title: "HATCHERY"
Production Number: 069
Original Air Date: 02-25-04
Stardates: January 8, 2154

Synopsis: On its way to Azati Prime, the Enterprise detects a crashed Xindi ship on the surface of a remote planet. Captain Archer leads a group to investigate the ship, and finds an intact Xindi-Insectoid assault shuttle with a half-dozen particle cannons and torpedo launchers. Archer orders the Xindi-Insectoid shuttle returned to the Enterprise for study, while he investigates a hatchery of Xindi-Insectoid eggs. Archer is exposed to a mild neuro-toxin from one of the eggs.

Captain Archer orders an Engineering team to repair the failing life-support system in the hatchery so that the infant Xindi-Insectoids will not die, over the objections of Commander Tucker, who thinks the Enterprise's mission to Azati Prime is more important.

When Archer orders one-third of the Enterprise's antimatter reserves to be transfered to the Xindi-Insectoid ship, Subcommander T'Pol refuses to follow his orders, and Archer relieves her of duty.

The other senior officers see that Captain Archer is behaving irrationally, and stage a mutiny, forcing Archer to return to the Enterprise from the Xindi-Insectoid hatchery. Dr. Phlox runs a detailed scan, and learns that the Captain was exposed to a neurochemical on the Xindi-Insectoid ship that caused him to reverse-imprint on the infant Xindi-Insectoids, causing him to instinctively act as their caretaker.

When Captain Archer recovers, he orders the course resumed to Azati Prime to find the Xindi weapon.

  • Factoid: Reed's father is fascinated by insects, and collects bugs.

  • Factoid: Archer's great-grandfather was in North Africa during the Eugenics Wars.

  • Factoid: Xindi-Insectoids are genderless, reproducing asexually. Their lifespan is around 12 years.

  • Factoid: Dr. Phlox can relieve Captain Archer of command under Starfleet Order 104, Section C.

  • Factoid: Ensign Walsh is on duty in the Armory.

  • Factoid: Major Hayes was trained at West Point.

  • Guest Characters: *Ensign Walsh, Corporal Hawkins, Corporal Chang, Major Hayes, Porthos
    Alien Races: Xindi-Insectoids

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