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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three DVD set
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Episode Title: "COUNTDOWN"
Production Number: 075
Original Air Date: 05-19-04
Stardates: February 13, 2154

Synopsis: On Xindi-Reptilian Commander Dolim's ship, Ensign Hoshi Sato's brain is injected with parasites so that she will cooperate in deciphering the Xindi-Aquatic launch code needed to activate the Xindi weapon, which is headed for Earth under control of the Xindi-Reptilians with a Xindi-Insectoid escort.

Subcommander T'Pol returns from the nearby sphere with data that Sphere 41 is a control-sphere for the entire network. Destroying it could disable all the spheres that are transforming the Expanse.

Captain Archer appeals to the powerful Xindi-Aquatics to help stop the Xindi-Reptilians and Xindi-Insectoids from deploying the weapon against Earth. Archer says his crew will disable the spheres that are transforming the Expanse if the Xindi-Aquatics join the Xindi-Primates and Xindi-Arboreals in intercepting the weapon.

In their trans-dimensional realm, the "Guardians" see the timelines favoring the humans, and decide to intervene directly. The Enterprise transports Major Hayes and a team of MACOs to a Reptilian ship to retrieve Ensign Sato, but Major Hayes is mortally wounded on the mission. Before the Enterprise and combined Xindi fleet can destroy the weapon, the sphere network creates massive spatial anomalies to shield the weapon, allowing the Xindi-Reptilians and Xindi-Insectoids to escape, now armed with all three needed codes to deploy the weapon against Earth.

Captain Archer and Lt. Reed assemble a boarding party, using Degra's ship to catch up with the Xindi weapon, while Subcommander T'Pol commands the Enterprise on a mission to disable Sphere 41.

After seeing the spatial anomalies work in their favor, the Xindi-Insectoids realize that the humans were correct that the "Guardians" control the spheres. Reptilian Commander Dolim destroys the Insectoid ship escorting the weapon before they have a chance to turn against him.

  • Factoid: The Enterprise has been in the Expanse for nearly eight months.

  • Guest Characters: Jannar, Reptilian Commander Dolim, Major Hayes, *Corporal Kelly, Corporal Woods, *Corporal Ramira, *Corporal Forbes, Porthos
    Alien Races: Xindi-Aquatics, Xindi-Arboreals, Xindi-Insectoids, Xindi-Primates, Xindi-Reptilians, Sphere-builders

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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