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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Three DVD set
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Episode Title: "ZERO HOUR"
Production Number: 076
Original Air Date: 05-26-04
Stardates: February 14, 2152

Synopsis: Xindi-Reptilian Commander Dolim and his officers toast to a Reptilian-dominated Xindi Empire as they escort the armed Xindi weapon through a subspace vortex toward Earth.

In their trans-dimensional realm, the "Guardians" see the timelines continuing to favor the humans. They accelerate the spatial transformation around Sphere 41, creating a powerful spatial anomaly to shield the sphere from the Enterprise, which is attempting to destroy the sphere network.

Aboard Degra's ship, Captain Archer prepares to lead a boarding party onto the Xindi weapon to destroy it from the inside. Daniels pulls Archer a little more than seven years into the future, on Earth, where Archer will be present with Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites for the signing of the United Federation of Planets charter. Daniels warns Archer that his survival is important for the future of the Federation, and he should not lead the boarding party to the Xindi weapon, but Archer insists on completing his mission himself.

When Reptilian Commander Dolim reaches Earth with the weapon, he destroys the Yosemite Three orbiting research post. Degra's ship reaches the weapon, with help from Andorian Commander Shran's warship, which has been tracking the weapon through the subspace vortex. Archer leads a boarding party to sabotage the weapon, but Reptilian Commander Dolim transports to the weapon to stop them.

As the Enterprise penetrates the transformed space to reach Sphere 41, nine Sphere-builders appear aboard the Enterprise to attack the ship from within, but when Commander Tucker uses a beam from the Enterprise's deflector dish to destroy Sphere 41, the surrounding transformed space dissipates and the Sphere-builders are forced back into their own realm. A chain reaction destroys all other spheres in the Expanse.

Captain Archer remains behind to set explosive charges on the Xindi weapon as Lt. Reed and the rest of the boarding party escape to Degra's ship, but Reptilian Commander Dolim attacks him, and Archer is unable to transport off the weapon before it explodes.

Degra's ship returns to the Enterprise in the Expanse, where the spatial anomalies are dissipating. Lt. Reed reports that Captain Archer did not survive the weapon's destruction. A Xindi-Aquatic ship carries the Enterprise back to Earth.

At 800,000 kilometers from Earth, the Enterprise is unable to detect any subspace communications in the system. Subcommander T'Pol sends a shuttlepod to San Francisco to find out what is happening, but the shuttlepod is attacked by three World War II-era fighter planes.

Captain Archer's badly burned body lies in a Nazi field hospital, where an extraterrestrial among the Nazi officers examines Archer's Starfleet uniform.

  • Factoid: Dr. Phlox loaned an Aldebaran drum set to his first wife's third husband, Groznick.

  • Factoid: T'Pol will be 66 years old on her next birthday.

  • Guest Characters: Commander Shran, Jannar, Reptilian Commander Dolim, Daniels, Corporal Kelly, Porthos
    Alien Races: Xindi-Reptilians, Xindi-Arboreals, Xindi-Primates, Xindi-Aquatics, Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites, Sphere-builders
    Starships: Andorian Imperial Warship Kumari

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