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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Four DVD set
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Episode Title: "KIR'SHARA"
Production Number: 085
Original Air Date: 12-03-04
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: Administrator V'Las of the Vulcan High Command has created false sensor readings to lead the Andorians to think the Vulcans are about to invade the Andorian colony Paan Mokar, but the Vulcan fleet is secretly assembling near Regulus, preparing to attack Andoria itself, believing that the Andorians have acquired Xindi weapon technology.

Despite Admiral Gardner's order for the Enterprise to return to Earth, Commander Tucker heads toward Andorian space to find Commander Shran, in order to warn him about the Vulcans' planned invasion. Shran beams Vulcan Ambassador Soval off the Enterprise and tortures him to be sure he is telling the truth about the Vulcan invasion.

On Vulcan, Captain Archer, Commander T'Pol, and Syrrannite leader T'Pau have found the Kir'Shara, an artifact containing Surak's original writings, and plan to take it to the Vulcan capital.

T'Pol was infected during a mind-meld several years ago with the neural disease Pa'nar Syndrome, which T'Pau says has been known since Surak's time and can be cured by an experienced melder. T'Pau uses a mind-meld to connect to T'Pol's mind and treat the illness.

Archer transports into the Vulcan High Command using security codes supplied by T'Pol's husband, Koss, and uses the Kir'Shara to convince the High Command to stop the attack on Andoria. Administrator V'Las is relieved of his position, and the Vulcan High Command is dissolved.

Koss agrees to release T'Pol from their marriage, since she married him only to help her mother, who was killed in the bombing of the Forge. A Vulcan priest melds with Archer, removing Surak's Katra.

V'Las meets with his secret Romulan contact, who has been posing as Major Talok, a Vulcan officer who served under T'Pol during the Tomed mission. Talok tells V'Las that their efforts for reunification will continue.

  • Factoid: Deposits of the mineral gallicite can cause electrical discharges with any nearby matallic objects.

  • Guest Characters: Administrator V'Las, Commander Shran, Minister Kuvak, Vulcan Ambassador Soval, Koss, T'Pau, *Major Talok
    Alien Races: Vulcans, Romulans

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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