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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Four DVD set
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Episode Title: "UNITED"
Production Number: 089
Original Air Date: 02-04-05
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: The Romulan marauder drone, with Commander Tucker and Lt. Reed trapped aboard, attacks and destroys a Rigelian ship while holographically disguised as the Enterprise.

Commander T'Pol finds a way to detect the Romulan marauder's warp signature, but 128 ships are needed to form a sensor grid to find the ship. Minister T'Pau agrees to send 23 Vulcan ships, and Admiral Gardner is sending all available Starfleet ships, but they could take more than a week. Captain Archer convinces the feuding Andorians and Tellarites to work together and supply ships for the mission.

After one of his officers is fatally shot by Naarg, the Tellarite ambassador's assistant, Shran challenges Naarg to meet him in combat, and threatens to withdraw the Andorian ships from the sensor grid if the Andorian tradition of Ushaan -- a duel to the death -- is not respected. The ritual combat is fought with a bladed weapon called a Ushaan-Tor, an ice-miner's tool used by Andorians.

In order to preserve the alliance, Captain Archer claims the Right of Substitution, taking Naarg's place in the Ushaan. During the fight, Archer cuts off one of Shran's antennae, incapacitating him and ending the ritual.

The alliance of Vulcan, Andorian, Tellarite, and Earth ships tracks down the marauder drone, and the Enterprise is able to recover Tucker and Reed, but the drone escapes back to Romulan space.

  • Factoid: Commander Shran's vessel, the Kumari, was named after the first ice-cutter to circumnavigate Andoria.

  • Factoid: Vulcans have a saying: "One man can summon the future."

  • Factoid: On Nobelia Prime, Ensign Mayweather's father was challenged to a duel by a tribal elder.

  • Factoid: Andorian antennae take nine months to grow back, if left untreated.

  • Guest Characters: Commander Shran, Talas, Tellarite Ambassador Gral, Naarg, Admiral Valdore, Nijil, *Romulan Senator Vrax, Gareb
    Alien Races: Andorians, Tellarites, Romulans, Remans, Rigelians

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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