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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Four DVD set
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Episode Title: "DEMONS"
Production Number: 096
Original Air Date: 05-06-05
Stardates: January 19, 2155

Synopsis: The Enterprise crew has returned to Earth to witness the announcement of a new Coalition of Planets, organized by Minister Nathan Samuels of the United Earth government. During the conference of alien delegates, a medical technician named Susan Khouri approaches Commander T'Pol and gives her a hair sample container before dying from a phase pistol wound.

Dr. Phlox determines that the hair's DNA came from a hybrid child who is the offspring of Commander T'Pol and Commander Tucker, though T'Pol has never been pregnant. Minister Samuels tells Captain Archer to keep this information secret, since news of a Vulcan-human hybrid might inflame the xenophobia that has spreading on Earth since the Xindi attack.

Archer asks Lt. Reed to talk to Harris, his former contact at Section 31 Covert Operations. Harris tells him that Susan Khouri was a member of an underground isolationist movement called Terra Prime, which wants Earth to have no contact with alien species.

Captain Archer learns that Minister Samuels joined Terra Prime when he was 18, and wants his help in the investigation of the hybrid child. Samuels has all of Starfleet's files on the investigation sent to Archer. The Enterprise crew determines that Susan Khouri may have been living in a mining colony on the Moon.

Commander Tucker and Commander T'Pol infiltrate the Orpheus mining facility, where they learn a doctor who worked with Susan Khouri was recently found dead, but Tucker and T'Pol are captured by John Frederick Paxton, the leader of Terra Prime and owner of the mining facility, who created the hybrid child.

Paxton orders his mobile mining facility to lift off from the Moon and fly to Mars, where it lands and taps into the control systems of the verteron array, which is used to redirect comets. Paxton sends out a subspace message, threatening to use the weapon unless all aliens leave the Solar system.

  • Factoid: The conference takes place at Starfleet Command headquarters of the United Earth Space Probe Agency.

  • Factoid: Following the third world war, Colonel Green euthanized hundreds of thousands of people afflicted with radiation damage, to protected future generations from their mutated DNA.

  • Factoid: The nearest mining colony to Earth without artificial gravity is the Orpheus mining facility on the Moon.

  • Guest Characters: *John Frederick Paxton, *Minister Nathan Samuels, Harris, [Colonel Green], *Gannet Brooks, *Susan Khouri
    Alien Races: Vulcans, Tellarites, Andorians, Coridanites, Denobulans, Rigelians
    Starships: *Orpheus mining facility

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