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Star Trek: The Original Series Season Two set
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Episode Title: "BY ANY OTHER NAME"
Production Number: 50
Original Air Date: 02-23-68
Stardates: 4657.5, 4658.9

Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise responds to a distress call from a planet, and a landing party finds two humanoids on the planet -- Rojan and Kelinda of Kelva -- who use their advanced technology to immobilize the landing party, while other Kelvans quickly take over the Enterprise. Rojan tells Captain Kirk that within ten millennia, high radiation levels in Rojan's home galaxy, Andromeda, will make life there impossible, so the Kelvan Empire sent ships to explore other galaxies in which to find a new home to conquer.

The Kelvans were born aboard a multi-generational ship from Andromeda. When it hit the energy barrier at the rim of the Milky Way Galaxy, their ship was destroyed. The Kelvans plan to modify the warp engines of the Enterprise and use it to return to their galaxy, then return with an invasion force to conquer the Milky Way.

Commander Spock uses a Vulcan mind touch to learn that the Kelvans are immense beings with a hundred tentacles, and complex minds with such control and capacity that they can control each limb separately. The Kelvans have taken human form to operate the Enterprise.

As the Kelvans control the Enterprise, and fly through the galactic barrier at warp 11, the Enterprise crew members take advantage of the new human senses of the Kelvan bodies, stimulating them with new emotions and sensations. The Kelvans realize that they are now more human than Kelvan, and they would be aliens in their own galaxy. Captain Kirk offers to return them to the planet they were found on, and the Federation can send a probe to Andromeda to welcome the Kelvans to settle on uninhabited planets.

  • Factoid: On Eminiar Seven, Spock used a Vulcan mind probe to trick a guard into thinking they had escaped.

  • Factoid: Vulcans have the ability to place themselves in a deep trance, which they find more relaxing than a human vacation.

  • Factoid: On Kelva, crystals called sahsheer grow like flowers.

  • Guest Characters: Nurse Christine Chapel, Lt. Leslie
    Alien Races: *Kelvans

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