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Star Trek: The Original Series Season Two set
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Episode Title: "THE OMEGA GLORY"
Production Number: 54
Original Air Date: 03-01-68
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: The U.S.S. Enterprise approaches Omega Four, and finds the U.S.S. Exeter in orbit. A boarding party finds the Exeter empty, with only crew uniforms full of crystalline powder -- the remaining elements of a dehydrated human body. The last log entry from the ship's surgeon warns them that they are infected and not to return to their own ship; their only chance to survive is to transport down to the planet.

On the surface of Omega Four, Captain Kirk and the boarding party find a primitive society ruled by Asiatic Kohms, who are in conflict with the savage Yangs, who have European features. They learn that Captain Ronald Tracey of the Exeter survived on the planet's surface, which provides a natural immunity to all disease, and the inhabitants live for centuries. Tracey has used his phaser to help the Kohms fight off the Yang barbarians -- in violation of the Prime Directive -- so that he can learn the secret of the planet's healing properties and eternal youth.

But Dr. McCoy learns that there was once a biological war on Omega Four, and a deadly virus spread across the planet, but nature eventually produced natural immunizing agents that counteract the disease over time. The Exeter landing party died because it left the planet before the immunizing agents took effect. The natives of Omega Four developed long life spans and resistance to disease through natural evolution over the centuries -- there is no secret serum of eternal youth that can be given to others.

Captain Tracey and the Enterprise landing party are captured by the savage Yangs, who worship freedom and an ancient American flag. Kirk convinces the Yangs of their history by reciting the preamble of the American Constitution, which the Yangs worship as a sacred document. Cured of the planet's virus, the Enterprise crew arrests Captain Tracey for his crimes, and they return safely to the ship.

  • Factoid: The U.S.S. Exeter has a complement of four shuttlecraft.

  • Factoid: Earth experimented with bacteriological warfare in the 1990s.

  • Guest Characters: Lt. Galloway dies, *Captain Ronald Tracey, Lt. Leslie
    Alien Races: *Omegans
    Starships: *U.S.S. Exeter

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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