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Episode Title: "DEADLOCK"

Production Number: 837
Original Air Date: 03-18-96
Stardates: 49548.7

Synopsis: While talking to Neelix in the Mess Hall, Ensign Samantha Wildman goes into labor and he takes her to Sick Bay. After several hours, the E.M.H. must transport Ensign Wildman's half-Ktarean baby out of her uterus before its cranial ridges cause internal bleeding.

The Voyager detects communications ahead from several Vidiian ships and a G-type star system with two inhabited Vidiian planets. The Voyager hides in a nearby plasma drift to avoid the Vidiians' sensors. While leaving the plasma drift, the Voyager suffers unexplained power drains and several power conduits explode. Repeated proton bursts damage several ship systems and cause a hull breach. While trying to repair a hull breach, Harry Kim is blown out into space. As more wounded crew members come to Sick Bay and the power failures continue, Ensign Wildman's baby does not survive. The Bridge has to be evacuated after a hull breach on Deck One.

Kes disappears into a spatial rift, and awakens on a duplicate Voyager that left the plasma drift with no damage, and Ensign Wildman's baby is healthy. The two Voyager crews determine that all matter on the ship was duplicated at the quantum level, but the antimatter in the warp core was not duplicated, so both ships are sharing a single antimatter supply, which is causing the power drain. The ships must return to the plasma drift and attempt to reintegrate into one again, but before they can, the undamaged Voyager is attacked and boarded by a Vidiian ship. The captain orders the undamaged ship to self-destruct after sending Ensign Kim through the spatial rift with Ensign Wildman's healthy baby to the damaged Voyager. The other Voyager and the Vidiian ship are destroyed, and the remaining Voyager begins to make repairs, as the duplicate Kim unites Ensign Wildman with her counterpart's healthy baby.

  • Factoid: During the birth of Tuvok's third child, his wife was in labor for 96 hours.

  • Guest Characters: Ensign Samantha Wildman, Ensign Hogan, *Naomi Wildman born
    Alien Races: Vidiians, *Ktarean
    Starships: U.S.S. Voyager

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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