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Episode Title: "INNOCENCE"

Production Number: 838
Original Air Date: 04-08-96
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: While scouting for polyferranide deposits, Lt. Tuvok's and Ensign Bennet's shuttle crashes on a Drayan moon; after Bennet dies from his injuries, Tuvok encounters three children who also crashed on the moon and have no one to care for them. The children tell Tuvok that they have been sent to the moon to be killed by the Morrok, which lives in a nearby cave. After two of the children disappear, Tuvok finds their empty clothes inside the cave.

The Voyager makes contact with the reclusive Drayans, who do not like to communicate with outsiders; they become angry when they learn that Tuvok is on the surface of the sacred moon. They explain that Drayans age in reverse, and childhood is the final stage of life before their life force returns to its source on the moon.

  • Factoid: On Chakotay's first assignment, he participated in the first contact with the Tarkannans.

  • Factoid: The Federation consists of over 150 different worlds.

  • Factoid: Tuvok has four children.

  • Factoid: Tuvok's lute is a five-stringed instrument tuned on a diatonic scale.

  • Guest Characters: *Ensign Bennet dies
    Alien Races: *Drayans

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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