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Episode Title: "HUMAN ERROR"

Production Number: 964
Original Air Date: 03-07-01
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: After her experiences in Unimatrix Zero, Seven of Nine is spending all her free time in the holodeck, running simulations of how her life would be if she were fully human.

The Voyager accidentally enters an alien weapons testing area, Subspace Munitions Range 434. In order to escape safely, the crew must find a way to detect the weapons before they emerge from subspace and detonate near the ship.

Seven of Nine's work performance begins to suffer as she becomes increasingly distracted by her holodeck simulations, in which she develops a romantic relationship with Commander Chakotay. Her heightened emotions cause her cortical node to start shutting down. The Emergency Medical Hologram is able to treat her, but warns that further emotional stimulation could cause her Borg implants to fail.

The cortical node was designed to deactivate drones who start to regain their emotions, to prevent them from leaving the Collective. The E.M.H. says that in time, he may be able to reconfigure her implants to allow her to experience emotions, but Seven of Nine decides that emotions would just be a distraction from her duties, and does not want to undergo the procedure.

Guest Characters: Icheb
Alien Races: Brunali, [Borg]

KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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