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Enterprise: "Shockwave"
Episode Title: "SHOCKWAVE"
Production Number: 026
Original Air Date: 05-22-02
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: As an Enterprise shuttle approaches a mining colony inhabited by 3,600 Paraagans, an explosion ignites the tetrazine in the planet's atmosphere, killing all the colonists. When Starfleet Command learns of the accident, the Enterprise is recalled to Earth and its mission is cancelled.

Captain Archer awakens ten months in the past in his apartment in San Francisco, where he encounters the time-travelling Daniels, who tells him that the explosion was not supposed to happen; someone has changed history as part of the Temporal Cold War in order to cause the Enterprise's mission to fail.

Back aboard the Enterprise in the present, Archer follows Daniels' instructions and uses technology from Daniels' sealed quarters to locate a cloaked Suliban ship, which he boards to steal some data disks. Sensor logs on the disks show that a cloaked Suliban ship planted a device on the shuttle's hull to cause the destruction of the Paraagan colony.

Following orders from his contact in the future, Silik surrounds the Enterprise with a fleet of ships and orders Archer to surrender or else the Enterprise will be destroyed. But before Archer can board the Suliban ship, he is transported to the Thirty-first Century by Daniels, but when he arrives, the time portal complex has been retroactively destroyed in the past, so Daniels and Archer are trapped in the ruins of a future city with no way to get back to the past.

  • Factoid: Paraagans have a matriarchal society, but in the past decade the males have made great strides to acquire equal rights.

  • Guest Characters: Porthos, Daniels, Silik, Admiral Forrest
    Alien Races: *[Paraagans], Suliban, Pyrithian bat

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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