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Star Trek: The Original Series Season One DVD set
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Episode Title: "COURT MARTIAL"
Production Number: 15
Original Air Date: 02-02-67
Stardates: 2947.3, 2948.5, 2949.9, 2950.1

Synopsis: After a severe ion storm on Stardate 2945.7, in which records officer Lt. Commander Ben Finney was lost, the U.S.S. Enterprise stops at Starbase Eleven for repairs. The portmaster, Commodore Stone, reviews Captain Kirk's deposition, in which he states that the sensor pod in which Finney was working had to be jettisoned after Red Alert was sounded during the ion storm. But when the Enterprise computer record shows that Kirk ejected the pod before Red Alert, Commodore Stone convenes a court martial charging Captain Kirk with negligence in Finney's death.

Lt. Commander Spock discovers that the computer has been reprogrammed, and after the Enterprise is evacuated, Finney is found hiding in Engineering, having framed Kirk for his death because Kirk's report years earlier held back Finney's career. When Kirk and Finney served together on the United Star Ship Republic NCC-1371, Finney was reprimanded for a mistake that Ensign Kirk discovered.

  • Factoid: Spock's rank is Lieutenant Commander. His position on the U.S.S. Enterprise is First Officer and Science Officer. His commendations include the Vulcanian Scientific Legion of Honor, and Award of Valor, twice decorated by Starfleet Command.

  • Factoid: Dr. McCoy's service rank is Lieutenant Commander.

  • Factoid: Captain Kirk's list of commendations includes the Palm Leaf of Axanar Peace Mission, the Grankite Order of Tactics, Class of Excellence, Preantares Ribbon of Commendation, Classes First and Second, Award of Valor, Medal of Honor, Silver Palm with Cluster, the Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry, and the Kragite Order of Heroism.

  • Guest Characters: *Lt. Commander Benjamin Finney, *Lt. Areel Shaw, *Samuel T. Cogley, Lt. Hansen
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