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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Two DVD set
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Episode Title: "DEAD STOP"
Production Number: 031
Original Air Date: 10-09-02
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: Four days after the ship is damaged in the Romulan minefield, the Enterprise crew is still trying to make repairs, and Lt. Reed is healing from his injuries sustained from the mine.

A passing Tellarite freighter picks up the Enterprise's distress call, and gives the crew coordinates to an alien repair station nearby. As the Enterprise approaches, the automated station scans the ship, and the station reconfigures itself to dock with the Enterprise, and the interior of the station is filled with an oxygen atmosphere and English computer interfaces. The Enterprise crew agrees to exchange 200 liters of warp plasma for the automated station to make the needed repairs.

The station has advanced transporter and molecular replicator technology, and also a device that regenerates the damaged tissues in Lt. Reed's leg, but Commander Tucker cannot find a computer on the station large enough to run the station's systems.

While repairs are being made, Ensign Travis Mayweather's dead body is found in Launch Bay One. Dr. Phlox determines that the body has been replicated at the molecular level, and the Enterprise crew eventually finds the real Mayweather, along with several alien bodies, all with their brains tied in to the station's computer core. They are able to retrieve Mayweather and detonate an explosion to damage the station before escaping.

  • Factoid: T'Pol saw a molecular replicator device on a Tarkalean vessel.

  • Factoid: Dr. Phlox has been treating Lt. Reed's injured leg with Regulan Blood Worms.

  • Factoid: According to T'Pol, Tellarites are not the most agreeable of species, but they are usually trustworthy.

  • Factoid: Crewman Hayes says she passed Ensign Mayweather on his way to the Launch Bay.

  • Factoid: Last month, after the Enterprise visited Tessik Prime, Crewman Fisher came down with Rigelian fever. Dr. Phlox inoculated the entire crew to prevent an outbreak.

  • Guest Characters: Porthos
    Alien Races: Tellarites, Klingon

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