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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Two DVD set
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Episode Title: "MINEFIELD"
Production Number: 029
Original Air Date: 10-02-02
Stardates: ~

Synopsis: Captain Archer invites Lt. Malcolm Reed to have breakfast with him, but they are interrupted when Subcommander T'Pol detects an uncharted system with a Minshara-Class planet along their course.

While approaching the planet, the Enterprise is damaged by a cloaked tri-cobalt mine, and another undetonated mine is attached to the hull. The crew modifies the quantum beacons that were used to detect cloaked Suliban ships, and is able to see the field of cloaked mines surrounding the planet.

While Lt. Reed attempts to defuse the mine on the hull, an alien ship de-cloaks nearby and orders the Enterprise to leave this system, which has been annexed by the Romulan Star Empire. Captain Archer remembers seeing a book about the Romulans when he was in the Thirty-first Century library with Daniels.

Reed becomes trapped by an anchor spike from the mine, and Captain Archer must free him before the Romulans attack the Enterprise.

  • Factoid: England made it to the finals in the World Cup.

  • Factoid: Romulans are rumored to be an aggressive, territorial species, but the Vulcan High Command has never made direct contact with them.

  • Factoid: Ensign Hutchison can cover the helm when Ensign Travis Mayweather is away.

  • Factoid: According to Reed, Ensign Tanner would be free to begin upgrades to the torpedo launchers if a third crewman were assigned to the Armory full-time.

  • Factoid: With Lt. Reed outside on the hull, the Romulans detect 82 other crew members aboard the Enterprise.

  • Guest Characters:
    Alien Races: Romulans

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