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Star Trek: Enterprise Season Two DVD set
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Episode Title: "THE CATWALK"
Production Number: 038
Original Air Date: 12-18-02
Stardates: September 18, 2152

Synopsis: The Enterprise crew prepares to survey an uninhabited planet in a binary star system, when three aliens from the distant Takret system arrive and warn of a Class Five neutronic wavefront approaching at high warp. The crew and the three aliens take refuge from the radiation of the wavefront in the catwalks running the length of the warp nacelles, which are heavily shielded with an osmium alloy.

When the Enterprise crew learns that the ship has been boarded, the three aliens reveal that they are deserters fleeing from the Takret Militia, whose officers seize alien ships without provocation. The Takrets are immune to radiolytic isotopes, and can move freely around the ship in the neutronic storm, but the Militia is unaware that the Enterprise crew is hiding in the warp nacelles.

Captain Archer threatens to destroy the ship, and the Takret Militia flees the Enterprise. Once the Enterprise is clear of the neutronic storm, the three Takret fugitives head for the Gyrannan system, where they will be safe from the Militia.

  • Factoid: Solkar was the first Vulcan ambassador to Earth.

  • Factoid: The Denobulan population consists of twelve billion people sharing one continent.

  • Factoid: T'Pol once participated in the kahswan ritual. She was taken to the desert and left to survive for ten days.

  • Factoid: Takrets only need to sleep once a week.

  • Factoid: On February 9, 2152, the Vulcans allowed the Mazarites to leave.

  • Factoid: In 2152, the Enterprise responded to a distress call from a vessel in the Torothan system.

  • Guest Characters: Porthos, *Chef
    Alien Races: *Takrets, *Edosian slugs

    KEY: [brackets]=illusions   *star=first appearance

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